Plovdiv City Breaks

Plovdiv - The Irresistible Charm

Bachkovo Monastery near PlovdivThracian valley’s gem, Plovdiv is an absolute must for everyone who visits Bulgaria. The irresistible charm of this city goes into your blood slowly. Here the Hills meet the Valley and the River... and so the Legends were born. Eumolpus, a mythical Thracian Hero, became its founder. In the 4 c. B.C. the city becomes Philip of Macedon’s pride and was named after him - Philippopolis. The Roman Empire declares the city Capital of Thrace under the name Trimonzium - and so the city changed many names over so many years.

You may choose to spend several days in Plovdiv with our Plovdiv City Breaks Specials, or take a day tour from Sofia.

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Plovdiv Old City, The House of Argir Kuyumdzioglu, now housing the Ethnographic Museum



Plovdiv Old City