Bulgaria Festivals Cultural Event Calendar 2016

The most popular Bulgaria's cultural events and festivals have been included in our list, for information purposes only.We regularly update, including new events in our cultural calendar selection. If you do not find the festival you are looking for, please check again later or contact us for further information.

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International Mummers Games Carnival  January 01,2017 Razlog
International Mummers Games Festival "Simitliya"

January 14,2017

Regional Masquerade Games & Mummers Parade January 21,2017 Breznik
26th International Masquerade Games & Mummers Festival January 27-29, 2017 Pernik

13th Contemporary Symphony Music Festival "Prof.Ivan Spassov"

January 26-29, 2017 Pazardjik 
The World Festival of Animated Film in NDK May 01-97, 2017 Sofia, NDK

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Trifon Zarezan (Trimming of the Vines Day) February 01, 2016 Throughout Bulgaria
16th International Masquerade Games & Mummers Festival "KUKOVE" February 05-06, 2016 Rakovski cl.Plovdiv
Mummers Parade "Farshangi"  February 14,2016 Bardarski geran cl. Vratza
KUKERLANDIA Mummers Festival February 25-28, 2016 Yambol

Mummers Festival "Mechkyari"

February 27,2016 Mechkyari cl.Devin
Todorovden (St.Theodore's Day) or Horse Easter Folklore Tradition March 19,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
1st of March Celebrations (Baba Marta) March 01,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
Traditional Mummers' Festival "Pesponedelnik" March 01,2016 Shiroka Laka near Smolyan
Pesponedelnik International Mummers Festival March 06,2016 Shiroka Laka cl.Smolyan
19th Traditional Mummers Games Fest March 01-31, 2016 Stara Zagora
20th Sofia International Film Fest March 10-20,2016 Sofia
12th International Competition " Young virtuosos" March 28-April 3,2016 Sofia

56th International Music Festival “March Music Days”

March 11-26,2016 Ruse
National Folklore Festival "Shopski Naniz" March 15-17,2016 Kostinbrod

National Competition for Young Folklore Artists & Musicians"Orfeevo Izvorche"

March 18-20,2016 Stara Zagora

Kyustendil's City Celebrations

March 21,2016 Kyustendil

5th National Amateur Folklore Dance Clubs Festival"Proletno Horo"

March 26,2016 Velingrad

"Starzi v Turiya" National Folklore Masquerade Games Festival

 March   ,2016  Turiya cl.PavelBanya
Veliko Tarnovo City Celebrations March 22,2016 Veliko Tarnovo
Eropean Music Festival March 28-June 5, 2016 Sofia
22nd Young Folklore Performers Competition "Dinyo Marinov" April 01-03,2016 Varna
International Fools' Day April 01,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
National Competition for Young Folklore Singers & Performers "Pesenna daga nad Kutev" April 01,2016 Kotel
International Roma Day April 08,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
"Lazarouvane" Ritual presentation April 23,2016 11:30a.m. Etar cl.Gabrovo
Easter Fair April 30-May 1, 2016 Oreshak cl.Troyan
Orthodox Easter 2016 May 01,2016 Throughout 

Pancho Vladigerov International Piano and Violin Competition

April 28-May 05, 2017 Shumen
15th National Competition for Accordionists"Dancing Keys" April 21-23,2016 Novi Pazar cl.Shumen
Amateur Folklore Dance Clubs Festival April 16,2016 Veliko Tarnovo
Sofia Underground April 19-23,2016 Sofia
VivaPiano International Competition April 22-24,2016 Sofia
National Folklore Dance Competition "Zlatna Gega" April 23,2016 Kotel
11th International Folklore Festival"Vratza Spring"  April 28-May 1, 2016 Vratza
 Salon of the Arts  May 01-31,2016 Sofia
Festival of Folk Arts & Crafts - Easter Fair May 01-03,2016 Oreshak cl.Troyan
11th Children's Folklore Competition  June 18-24,2016 Мontana
Chiprovtzi's Kilim Festival May 02,2016 Chiprovtzi
National Young Pianists Competition "Dimitar Nenov" October 10-12,2016 Razgrad
Ruse City celebrations May 05-06,2016 Ruse
Gergiovden (St. George's Day) Celebrations May 06,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
Mini Art Fest 6 May 06-24,2016 Sofia
20th "BalkanFolk" Fest May 12-22,2016 Veliko Tarnovo
Sheep Breeders Fair May 06-08,2016 Lyaskovetz/Petropavlovski Monastery
"Golden Kuker"Festival May 09-15,2016 Sofia
Gyurga Pindzhurova's Folklore Songs Festival  May 14,2016 Tran
Sofia Paper Art Fest May 17,2016 Sofia

Traditional Thracian Folklore Art Celebrations  "Marash Sings"

May 21-22,2016 Straldza cl. Yambol
51st Folklore Festival “Colourful Trakiya Sings and Dances” May 14,2016 Haskovo

36th International May Choir Competition "Prof.Georgi Dimitrov"

May 14,2016 Varna
Sofia Science Festival May 12-15,2016 Sofia
Turkish Folklore Traditional Festival May 21,2016 Sboryanovo cl.Isperich
National Folklore Festival  May 20-22,2016 Kostandovo/cl.Rakitovo
Humour Carnival in Gabrovo May 21,2016 Gabrovo
Museum night  May 21,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
7th International Chamber Music Academy May 17-June 06, 2015 Kyustendil
Museum's Night May 18,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
Regional  Rose Festival in Strelcha May 28-29,2016 Strelcha cl. Ichtiman
St.St.Cyril and Methodius, Bulgarian Culture and Cyrillic Alphabet's Day May 24,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
Ancient Heritage Festival  May 28-29,2016 Hissarya
National Folklore Festival  May 27-29,2016 Kameno cl. Burgas 
Regional  Rose Festival in Karlovo May 28,2016 Karlovo

International Children's Folklore Festival "Sofia" 

June 01-05,2016 Sofia
Sofia Music Weeks June-July,2016  Sofia
Children's Folklore Songs & Dance Fest "Veselyache" June 01,2016 Kresna
Fire Dances (Nestinari) on St.St. Konstantine and Elena Day June 03,2016 Balgari village
Bourgas region
Rose Festival June 04-05,2016 Kazanlak
International Folklore Festival  June 04-05,2016 Kazanlak
Ancient Heritage Festival "Eagle on the Danube" June  Svishtov
National Folklore Festival "Nasred Megdana" June 04-05,2016 Arbanassi cl. Veliko Tarnovo
5th National Amateur Folklore Clubs Dance Festival" От Трън по-убаво нема"
June 04,2016 Tran cl.Sofia
International Folklore festival "Nessebar"
June 04-06,2016 Nessebar 
47th Folklore Festival" The Golden Gadoulka (Rebeck)" June 12,2016 Ruse
52nd International Chamber Music Festival  June  2016 Plovdiv
International Folklore Festival "Atliman" June 08-12, 2016 Kiten
Festival of Roses and Mineral Water June 11-13, 2016 Pavel Banya cl.Karlovo

International Music Festival
“Varna Summer 2016”

June 18-August 10 2016 Varna
International Folklore Festival  June 17-30, 2016 Primorsko

Children's Art Festival "Rahovche"

June 20-25, 2016 Gorna Oryahovitza
Art Fest "Water Tower" June 17-25,2016 Sofia
Enyovden - The Day of the Herbs & Nature(St Enyo) June 24-25, 2016  Etara cl.Gabrovo
Enyovden Folklore Festival June 24, 2016 Tran
Wildflowers Festival June  2016 Smolyan
Bulgarian Yoghurt Fest June 9,2016 Tran cl.Sofia

International Folklore Festival

 June 9-12,2016 Pavel Banya
International choral festival "Maestro Mednikarov"  June 23-26,2016 Albena

Graovo Folklore Celebrations"Vidovden"

June 25-26, 2016


Cherry Festival in Kyustendil

June 24, 2016


Folklore Festival "From Timok to Iskar"

June 28, 2016


10th International Folklore Festival "Pautalia"

July 01-03, 2016


Folklore Festival "Stoletovo Sings"

 July 02-03, 2016

Stoletovo cl.Karlovo


Dixie Jazz Fest Veliko Tarnovo

July 07-09,2016

Veliko Tarnovo
Bansko Beat Music Festival  July 15-16,2016 Bansko
Rozhen Folklore Festival  July 15-17,2016 Rozhen cl.Pamporovo

International Folklore Festival 

July 15-23,2016 Veliko Tarnovo
VARNA International Ballet Competition July 15-30,2016 Varna
Folklore Arts and Crafts Festival July 20-22,2016 Razgrad

12th International Folklore Festival "Silver Buckle"

July 28-30,2016 Kyustendil
Summer Opera Festival "Stage of the Ages" Tsarevets Fortress July -August , 2016 Veliko Tarnovo
Orphyc Mysteries Festival July 30-31,2016 Trigrad 
Balchik Classic Days Music Festival July 30-August 06,2016 Balchik 
Regional Festival "Golden Peach" July 28, 2016 Gavrailovo cl.Sliven

14th International Bagpipes Competition

August 05-06, 2016 Gela cl. Shiroka Laka

20th International Arts & Crafts Fair

August 01-21, 2016 Varna

18th Authentic Folklore International Festival

July 29-31, 2016 Dorkovo cl. Velingrad

8th International Folklore Festival-Competition "Bulgarian Rose"

August 15-29, 2016


"Varna Summer" International Folk Festival July 31-August 04, 2016 Varna
Summer Cultural Festival  August 06-07, 2016 Koprivshtica
Transfiguration Festival August 19-21,     2016 Veliko Tarnovo
7th Classical Chamber Music Festival"Arbanasi Summer" August 07-13,     2016 Arbanasi cl. Veliko Tarnov
International Jazz Festival August 06-13,     2016 Bansko
Traditional Arts & Crafts Festival August 12-15,     2016 Oreshak 
Varna's City Celebrations August 15,2016 Varna
International Folklore Festival"Nestiya" August 17-18, 2016 Sapareva Banya
International Folklore Festival August 22-26,     2016 Burgas
8th Traditional Folklore Costumes Festival August 19-21, 2016 Zheravna
International Folklore Festival "Primorsko" June 16-30,2016 Primorsko
Beglika Fest  August 25-29, 2016 Beglika/ Rhodopes
Bansko Opera Festival August 25-27, 2016 Bansko
Festival in the Valley of the Thracian Kings August 26-28, 2016 Kazanlak
Apolonia Festival of Arts Sept 01-10,2016 Sozopol
Bansko Opera Festival August 25-27 2016 Bansko
Regional Folklore Festivities August 28,2016 Botevgrad

Regional Folklore Meetings

August 28,2016 Dolni Chiflik cl. Varna

National Karakachan's Meetings

August 27-28, 2016 Karandila cl.Sliven
Autumn Salon of the Arts &Crafts
September 01-30, 2016  Ruse
Autumn Salon of Folk Arts September 02-05,2016 Sopot
Autumn Salon of the Arts
September 01- October31,2016 Plovdiv
National Folklore Festival "Nedelino" September 02-04 2016 Nedelino, cl. Smolyan
Plovdiv City Celebrations-Unification Day September 06,2016 Plovdiv
14th International Folk Arts and Crafts Festival September 03-06,2016 Etara near Gabrovo
41st "Chamber Music Days" Festival September 07-14,2016 Gabrovo
Thracian Folklore Music Festival September 08-10,2016 Parvomay 
Museum night Plovdiv September ,2016 Plovdiv
7th International Music Festival" Music Days at Balabanov's House" September 20-30, 2016 Plovdiv
Plum (and Plum Brandy) Festival September 21-23, 2016 Troyan
Traditional Roma Culture & Roma Traditions Festival September  Sopot
International Folklore Festival "Balkan Rhythms" September 22-25,2016  Devin
Traditional Celebrations "Delyuvi Praznici" September 22-25,2016 Zlatograd
11th National Meeting of Folklore Music Instrumental Ensambles "Stambolovo 2016" September 24-25,2016 Stambolovo
Street Art Fest
September, 2016 Plovdiv
Regional Folklore Festival September 24-25, 2016  Petarch cl.Sofia
Chamber Music Days at "Balabanov's House" September 25-October 5, 2016  Plovdiv
International Music Day October 01, 2016 Sofia
International Chamber Music Competition
October 01-05, 2016 Plovdiv

International Folklore Festival "Maleshevo Sings and Dances"

October 28-30, 2016 Mikre cl.Strumyani/ Dupnitza
Troyan City's Celebrations October 14,2016 Troyan

14th International Festival" Spiritual Music Celebrations"

October 14-17, 2016 Gabrovo
41st Musical Festival “Nedyalka Simeonova”  International Competition for Young Violinists October 21-23,2016 Haskovo
One Dance Week Festival  October 21-30, 2016 Plovdiv
Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival November 01,2016 Throughout Bulgaria
16th Bansko Film Fest November 23-27,2016 Bansko
47th Festival for Opera and Ballet November 28- December 10,2016 Srara Zagora

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Young Wines Parade in the Old City  November 27-29,2015 Plovdiv
Annual Plovdiv Artists' Exhibitions December 01-31,2015 Plovdiv
Traditional Christmas Salon of the Arts December 05-23,2015 Varna

International Piano Competition Liszt-Bartok

December 05-23,2015 Sofia    
Sofia International Book Fair December 08-13,2015 Sofia
Christmas Festival at the Sofia Opera December 10-31,2015 Sofia
Sofia New Year's Festival December-January 2016 Sofia
Festival of Christmas Carol Singing
December 25,2015 Yambol