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Food & Wine

Shopska Salad, the Most Famous Bulgarian SaladWinter Salads_Stuffed Fresh Tomatoes, Snezhanka,etc

Bulgarian cuisine is simple, but also one of the tastiest in Europe. It uses a lot of flavour-packed local vegetables and in case you are a vegetarian, you will have a wide variety of non-meat dishes to choose from. There are a lot of Orient influences implemented with peasant-style simplicity in the traditional cuisine. Bulgarians use a lot of herbs and every single herb goes with a different dish. Different regions in Bulgaria have their local, typical specialties. It is always worth a discovery.

Bulgaria is the birthplace of the bacteria required for the preparation of yogurt. This priceless microorganism is scientifically called Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. Being a powerful antioxidant, Bulgarian yogurt is a basic ingredient of a Bulgarian-style health diet.


The most popular Bulgarian appetizers are the Slivova (plum brandy), Grozdova (grape brandy) and the Mastika (anise). Bulgarians always start the meal with a salad.... and a small Slivova. In fact, the brandy is so powerful that locals only drink it while eating a salad. It is believed that the oil and vinegar dressing absorbs some of Rakia’s strength.

Wine history in the country goes back to prehistoric times. The ancient Thracians were exceptional viticulturists and wine-makers. That is why Homer speaks of the ships, which every day brought wine from Thrace to the camp of the Greeks at Troy. Wine-making is deeply rooted in the traditional Bulgarian culture. There are 5 different wine regions in Bulgaria today - Northern Region: the Danube River Plains, Eastern Region: the Black Sea Coast, Sub-Balkan Region: The Valley of the Roses, Southern Region: the Thracian Valley and the South Western Region: the Struma Valley Region. Make a note of the names mavrud, melnik and rubin. These are the most interesting red wine varieties. Spend some time to visit a winery and enjoy a wine-tasting session while travelling in the country. You won’t regret it.